Toast and Dr. Pepper for Mother's Day
posted May 9, 2010

I was just trying out, a search engine for Facebook, and typed in the words "Dr." and "Toast". While my vanity search didn't pan out, I did discover that lots of kids like to serve their moms breakfast in bed with toast and Dr. Pepper.

Martha: "Awesome breakfast made by my awesome son for mothers day! Eggs, bacon, pancakes, toast and dt dr pepper! Ah i love my kids!" 5 hours ago

Sonya: "Breakfast in bed for mothers day... Apple Jacks,, toast with jelly,, an orange and a Dr. Pepper!! They are too sweet!! Love you kiddos!!" 5 hours ago

Crystal: "So I have the most wonderful boys ever. They made me breakfast in bed. Oatmeal, toast, and dr. Pepper. Cute for three little boys. I love them dearly." 7 hours ago

Laverna: "Mother's Day memories of a small boy and girl proudly serving Mother breakast in bed. Rubbery eggs, toast with the burned part scraped off, a weiner split and cooked, flowers from the yard and a Dr. Pepper wrapped in foil...a priceless gift that can never be equaled and will never be forgotten. Thank you David and Darla. What a privilege it is to be your Mother." 8 hours ago

Linda: "Favorite Mother's Day memory. My oldest child was 5, and on his own he made me a Pop Tart and a piece of toast with jelly, put it on a tray with a can of Diet Dr. Pepper, and brought me breakfast in bed. :-) -- LJ" 9 hours ago

Tiffany: "Enjoyed a Mother's Day breakfast in bed...eggs, toast, & a can of Dr. Pepper! How thoughtful!" 9 hours ago

Heather: "HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!! Thought this would be my one day to sleep in but instead my wonderful children brought me breakfast ( special k bar, peanut butter toast, pudding, and a dr pepper) in bed at 6:30 this morning." 11 hours ago