Dr. Toast Live @ Burning Man 2009
posted August 26, 2009

September 2-4, 2009: The Toast will be popping up on the playa in a few different locations this year!

Wednesday, around sunrise: The False Profit Tuesday Party (located at 4:00 and Esplanade). From the press release: "Homo sapiens without the [silicon gene] mutation will be leaving the world of mutant commerce for False Profit’s Tuesday Night party to expose themselves to computerized sounds that will touch their Monkey-Robot brains. It should be no surprise that these sounds will be emitted from the Unimog, preferred vehicle of Space Cowboys who themselves are a future offshoot species of Homo sapiens electronica."


Wednesday, around dusk: The Toast Party at the Relaxomatic Plushitorium. "At the Relaxomatic Plushitorium, you will find a madcap roller coaster ride of tranquility and repose -- If it's soft, squishy, and fun to sit on, you'll probably find it here. Additionally register here to send your grilled Cheese-o-grams to your friends and enemies. Hometown: Brooklyn, NY" (photo: broxtronix)


Friday afternoon, 12:45pm: at El Circo and The Do Lab (located at 10:00 and Biology). "For the first time ever, The Do LaB and El Circo are joining forces to create an unforgettable visual sound camp, Simpler Times, at Burning Man this year. The merging of these iconic communities of San Francisco and Los Angeles is sure to produce one of the most epic and memorable places to be on the playa with the creative explosions, amazing musicians and mind-blowing performances."