9 for stupidity?
posted August 17, 2005

Today I was in Borders Books looking for a birthday gift and was perusing the "humor" section, when I came across a book titled "505 Unbelievably Stupid Web Pages." Hmm, I thought, I wonder if my site is in there? So I flipped to the index and, lo and behold, there it is on page 228: "Dr. Toast's Amazing World of Toast".

"More goodness on a lightly crisped slice of bread. It's Dr. Toast's Amazing World of Toast, and the doctor answers all of your questions about toast, and some questions about other things. Features on this site include Toast haiku (haiku certainly is popular on the internet, isn't it?), toast recipes, and an opportunity to ask the famous Dr. Toast himself a question. This site even has a link to the Toast Bible, with the Ten Commandments of Toast: "Thou shalt not place unnatural condiments on toast." And, of course, "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's toast." COMMENTS: I don't see what's so heavenly about a slightly crisped piece of bread. Why not Pop-Tarts? Or waffles? Toast is just so... plain. Still, the opportunity to ask somebody a question about food is worth the stupidity. ABNORMALITY: 9 STUPIDITY: 9 ENTERTAINMENT: 7" Awesome, I got a 9 for stupidity! Which is an appropriate opportunity for me to announce that last week I revamped the whole site - drtoast.com now solidifies its position as the internet's definitive toast site. In addition to classic features such as Toast Haiku, Toast Recipes, and Ask Dr. Toast, there is now a Toast News department and the new Toast Forum, a gathering place for the toast community. I've also added a Music page, which has downloadable MP3s of some of the chill/downtempo music I produce. Enjoy the new face of drtoast.com.