Toast: Share the online experience
posted August 10, 2005

by Bob Condor
Chicago Tribune

TOAST has its fans on the Internet. You can find dozens of sites dedicated to the morning comfort food. Here are some of the highlights from the Toast Resources site, (ed. note: moved to

TravlToast is a portable toaster that can be plugged into a car’s cigarette lighter to make a batch of toast while you are commuting to work.

Toasters are part of tour promotion materials for the popular rock group Pearl Jam.

There is even a series of toast haiku on the Internet, following the traditional Japanese form of poetry. A few entries:

“With sun’s early rise,
The toasting is the reason
Worth opening eyes”
– Rae Anne Lafrenz

“Angry toastless man
Malfunctioning appliance
Senseless killing spree”
– James Reynolds

“I am toast. My crunch
Makes your mouth smile. Woe is he
Who microwaves me”
– Shad Emerson Jessen