Toast Race
posted August 10, 2005

by Vanessa Jones
Academic Psychiatry
Imperial College School of Medicine (St.Mary’s)

Here is a way of making toast that is also a race:


  • bread
  • marge/butter
  • marmite
  • processed cheese slices

Put the toast in the toaster. As soon as this is done start getting all you other ingredients ready, ie marge and cheese out of fridge, marmite open, cheese slices unwrapped etc. As soon as the toast pops up prepare as fast as possible with marge, marmite and then cheese slices. The aim of the game is to get your cheese slices to melt from the heat of the bread. (but you can always cheat by using a microwave or grill for a few seconds).

This recipe should actually be credited to Neil Aldis. I hope other readers of your educational and informative web site will appreciate this recipe/game/race

Vanessa Jones