The Perpetual Glow of Toast
posted May 19, 1996

Q: I have no questions to ask of your high intellect, as I have seen the light, and I live in the perpetual glow of toast. You may know me as the High Priest of Buttermilk Wheat, guardian of The Shrine to Toast. My busy schedule of preaching the Word to the masses has kept me from doing research on virtual toast, so this is the first time I have stumbled upon your words of wisdom. I enjoyed your page very much and you will recieve an honorable mention on my page of links which I will be updating this weekend.

Keep up the good work.

– Celeste (

A: Celeste, I am truly honored that Her Toastiness would bestow such words on so humble a purveyor of savoir-toast as myself. While I specialize in the intellectual and philosophical aspects of toast, the spirituality of toast is undeniably of utmost importance to an individual’s inner harmony. Therefore, I encourage my readers to visit The Shrine often, and read the Words therein so that they too might be enlightened.

– Dr. Toast